Europtex Fashion Ltd

Europtex Fashion Ltd is the Group’s answer to global clients who devote themselves to offering excellent fashion merchandise to mass markets consumers.

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About Us

Since 1995 EUROPTEX FASHION LTD has developed substantial business relationships in and with Bangladesh through our own office in Dhaka. Today we are one of the largest and most successful garment exporters from Bangladesh with an output of approximately 30 million pieces per year.


Why Europtex Fashion Ltd

  • Message from Thomas Hebestreit

    We established our family owned business and run company, we believe that implementation of core family values combined with managerial skills and business methodologies are the main factors in the success of our group.

    As a business group and as a family, we have acknowledged the importance of meticulously checking and choosing correct business track to serve our customers so far. we are a dynamic and creative company devoted to being on the fore font of sourcing and Merchandising in order to be able to provide an appropriate responses.

    Europtex, to be one of the best out of all other subsidiaries in our group would be the next goal.

  • Message from Mandarin Lui

    In the fast-changing competitive landscape of the global specialty in garment industry, incremental innovation holds the key to sustainable growth. Our growth journey so far has seen accelerated performance through on-going off shore operations in sourcing and merchandising. This strategy has gained us market leadership in south East Asia.

    The Bangladesh garment industry has grown rapidly over the last three decades and is expected to grow in a super speed in a year 2018

    Today, market demands across the globe are getting stronger for specialty in fashion & Eco friendly merchandiser that support environmental sustainability. Our strategy to address this rising opportunity is based on our pro-environment strengths: We expect to bring more & better business opportunities through Europtex.

    Managing Director, Europtex Fashion Limited
  • Message from W. R. Dissanayake

    It is my pleasure to deliver short information about our progress where we were and how we are now... having had two successful eras together & irrespective of changes in industry, we also have scanned the broader environment to understand the new technologies and tools that allow traditional businesses to transact in ways that was never possible before.There were lot of pressure coming from different sectors including retailers, fast fashion value and discount sectors.Most of the low price editions now engaged with fast models demanding with a high fashion & quality makes us more task oriented performance in going forward.

    We are all very excited about the transformation of our business is undertaking as we start to create the supply chain of the future, we are also looking forward to making a positive impact on lives of million people who are dependents from our business. we all are enthusiastic about this new journey and i look forward to sharing more progress through Europtex.

    Country Manager, Europtex Fashion Limited