Europtex Fashion Ltd unveils new logo

Restructuring of Europtex Fashion Ltd.
January 18, 2016

Europtex Fashion Ltd has unveiled its new logo on 10 October, 2017 through a gala dinner at Hotel Le Meridian, Dhaka, where dignified guests, local and foreign business partners were present. The new logo of Europtex Fashion Ltd was opened through a smart digital presentation.

CEO of Royal Spirit Group Mr Thomas Hebestreit, Managing Director of Europtex Fashion Limited Ms Mandarin Lui, Country Manager of Europtex Fashion Limited Mr W.R. Dissanayake were present and spoke among others in the programme.

It is worth mentioning that from January 15, 2016, Europtex Fashion Ltd became a 100% subsidiary of Top Grade International Enterprise Ltd. The company began their exclusive operations in 1995 under the umbrella of Royal Sprit Group as “Top Grade International Enterprise Ltd” in Bangladesh. Ever since they have been successfully operating as one of the leading and largest garment exporters to Europe and other countries. In terms of volumes they started with 30mn pieces in a year which increased up to 50mn pieces per annum during last decades whilst in an average their sales turnover is around US$ 90 to 100mn.

They are playing a major role in woven and sweater business when comparing to their competitors in Bangladesh market, this motivated them to move one more step further i.e. launching comprehensive and sophisticated manufacturing facility in Vietnam in the year 2013. Their highly motivated man power in both locations & efforts gear up to bring their company in to next level.

Being a strong sourcing and merchandising enterprise they provide full fledged operational activities to their clients including quality control and on time logistical support as well. In addition, they offer sophisticated testing laboratory facility which can conduct various testing parameters same as any other recognized laboratory in worldwide. This would easy for customers to make a pre-judgment of their merchandise in against testing aspects prior to shipping.Further to progress and diversify of their business in different segments they launched their name as EUROPTEX FASHION LIMITED.

CEO of Royal Spirit Group Mr Thomas Hebestreit said, “We established our family owned business and run company, we believe that implementation of core family values combined with managerial skills and business methodologies are the main factors in the success of our group. Europtex, to be one of the best out of all other subsidiaries in our group would be the next goal.”

Managing Director of Europtex Fashion Limited Ms Mandarin Lui said, “In the fast changing competitive landscape of the global specialty in garment industry, incremental innovation holds the key to sustainable growth. Our growth journey so far has seen accelerated performance through on-going off shore operations in sourcing and merchandising. This strategy has gained us market leadership in South East Asia.

The Bangladesh garment industry has grown rapidly over the last three decades and is expected to grow in a super speed in year 2018. Manufacturing trends across fashion, innovation, transforming to lifestyle & vintage merchandise are showing a shift from the West to the East further, Bangladesh is becoming a global manufacturing hub, the growing demand of eco-friendly alternatives in developed nations holds huge export opportunities for us.
Today, market demands across the globe are getting stronger for specialty in fashion & eco-friendly merchandise that support environmental sustainability. Our strategy to address this rising opportunity is based on our pro-environmental strengths. We expect to bring more & better business opportunities through Europtex.”
Country Manager of Europtex Fashion Limited Mr W.R. Dissanayake said, “It is my pleasure to deliver short information about our progress where we were and how we are now … having had two successful years together and irrespective of changes in industry, we also have scanned the broader environment to understand the new technologies and tools that allow traditional business to transact in ways that was never possible before .There were lot of pressure coming from different sectors including retailers, fast fashion value and discount sectors. Most of the low price editions now engaged with fast models demanding with a high fashion & quality makes us more task oriented performance in going forward.

Due to speediness of the environment, innovation is becoming more critical so that we would like to help our customers to streamline their products, to ensure that they always have something new and differentiated in their stores so that they can improve their margins and sell through.

We are all very excited about the transformation of our business is undertaking as we start to create the supply chain of the future, we are also looking forward to making a positive impact on lives of million people who are dependents from our business. We all are enthusiastic about this new journey and I look forward to sharing more progress through Europtex.”

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